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Plan Institues is one of the best training Institutes for IELTS coaching in Jalandhar. IELTS denotes International English Language Testing System. It is a test which is conducted to check and evaluate the English efficiency of an individual. By far, this is the most popular and apex in English Language test that is conducted across the world for the purpose of: Study, Work and Immigration.

IELTS Listening

The Listening Test of IELTS for both the parts (or modules) is the same. It is taken first during the exam in the time span of half an hour. It consist of mainly 4 sections of this test. Each section consist of different questions which are related to conversation in context of:

  • social
  • academic

All total, there are 40 questions and at the end of each part, you get some time to double check your answers. You get 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet at the end of the full IELTS listening test. You need to show up a careful listening so that you listen and make out each bit of it easily because the recording will be played for ONCE.


The listening test of IELTS is conducted in four different sections which probably focus on variant kinds of speech. Look for the detail below: Section 1 – Consist of 2 speakers with a speech based on transactional dialogue or social Section 2 – Consist of 1 speaker with a precise speech on any general topic Section 3 – Consist of 2-4 speakers with a conversation on any of the educational or training subject Section 4 – Consist of 1 speaker with a talk on any of general subject of academical interest

IELTS Reading

The IELTS Reading Test, covers around 1 hour. This test is different for the candidates of the General and Academic modules. The chief difference between the tests conducted with both the types of modules is of Language. The candidates of General Module face easy text when the candidates of the Academic Modules consist of the complicated one. The Academic Module consist of three passages while in General Module the IELTS Reading test consist of five passages. But the number of questions remains the same in both the modules that is 40.Although the reading passage subjects are different but each one of it is of academic nature.

Candidates,in times, hesitates and feels panic when they face a passage on a some of the subject that are totally new or unknown to them.Point to be remembered is that your answers to the entire set of questions should be in the text form itself. You need not have to be any particular domain expertise to capable of answering the questions. The test is only conducted to judge the reading comprehension ability.

IELTS Writing

The motive of IELTS Writing Test comprises to analyse your skills and ability of writings, that helps to know if you are able to write correctly and can pen down your opinions and ideas in a exact ways or not. Also, it assist in scrutinising your grammar and vocabulary power.

The Writing test of IELTS last for one hour. It is advisable that you should spend 20 mins on Task 1 and the incur rest 40 mins on Task 2. As you will not be allotted any Extra time, You need complete the two tasks in given time.It depends upon how well you manage your time that you complete all the questions in given time.

Please be very particular with the word limitations. You are supposed to write at least 150 words for Task 1 and Minimum of 250 words for Task 2.

Note: The above mentioned word limit minimum. Although you can write more if you want and can. Second important thing to remember is the test can be different, which is based on the selection of your module, i.e. either General or Academic.

IELTS Speaking

The IELTS Speaking test is conducted in a personal interview (PI) form, in which the examiner look for how communicative you are and how well you speak up. It is a test of basic British Spoken English skills.

All the other test are conducted in one day except Speaking Module. It can be possibly conducted in one day, or maybe in the duration of 7 days or perhaps before the test of the other parts. Speaking being the most crucial and important part of the IELTS Speaking test. This is conducted in the form of Face-To-Face interview. Here the interviewer judges the candidate’s fluency, confidence, and comfort level in British English speaking power. This session of the interview is recorded for future judgement and probably for rechecking. The speaking test of IELTS last for maximum 15 minutes.

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