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  About IELTS

All you need to know about IELTS

You already know about what is IELTS, which organizations accept IELTS and different versions of IELTS.On this page we will discuss all about IELTS in detail.

What is the test format and duration?

IELTS has four parts – Listening (30 minutes), Reading (60 minutes), Writing (60 minutes) and Speaking (11–14 minutes). The total test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The Listening, Reading and Writing tests are done in one sitting. The Speaking test may be on the same day or up to seven days before or after the other tests.

How do I practice and prepare for my test?

You can practice with online material or join a centre. Our IELTS batches are designed to get best of you on the test day. You can visit us for the assessment of your level.

What help is offered to disabled candidates?

Test centres put additional effort to cater for special needs of disabled candidates. If you have special need, talk to your local test centre when registering.


How are the tests marked? IELTS uses a 9-band scoring system to measure and report test scores in a consistent manner. You receive individual band scores for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking and an Overall Band Score on a band scale from one to nine.

How many bands I need for study abroad?

Each educational institution sets its own level of IELTS score. However, the most of institutions in Canada, Australia and USA accept 6 bands for undergraduate and 6.5 for graduate courses.

How many Test Report Forms (TRFs) am I allowed to have?

ou will be given one (1) copy of your test report form. Up to five (5) copies of your TRF will be posted to the relevant institution(s) you have listed on your IELTS application form. If you need additional test report forms, you can always contact your test centre. It will cost you additional fees.

On IELTS Test Day

You may not be allowed to take test if you missed to reach at time. Make sure you reach 30 minutes before the test. It is very important to eat before test. Don’t go empty stomach. This has bad psychological effect. You won’t be allowed to bring any food items with you. They will provide you water in transparent bottle.

Identity proof and Photographs

At IELTS test centre your identity proof will be checked when you will arrive. Make sure you have right id proof otherwise you won’t be allowed to sit in exam. You will need recent passport size photos and copy of confirmation email.

Test Day Photography

Some test locations will now also take a photograph of you on the test day – this photograph taken by the test centre will appear on your Test Report Form to provide increased identity security.

Precautions during test

You will only be allowed to have a pen or pencil, an eraser and your ID on your desk. Don’t bring anything else. If you need to go to the bathroom put your hand up for help. Do not disturb other candidates.

When you take the Listening test, check that you can hear the test properly. Raise your hand straightaway and let the invigilator know if you cannot hear the recording. If you have missed any question move to next question. Do not waste time on single question.

Please remember that you will have 10 minutes after the Listening section to fill in your answer sheet. You will not have 10 minutes after the Reading section, so please make sure that you write your answers on your Reading answer sheet as you complete each section.

The most important thing- Do not get nervous. Do not spend too much time on single question.

At The End of The Test

Stay in your seat until the invigilator gives you permission to leave the room. If you want to make a complaint about your test day, you need to do this within one week of the test date.

Special Arrangements

If you have asked for special arrangements as a result of a disability or other condition, adjustments will be made for you on the test day.

Test Day Tips

Understand each task before attempting Read instructions carefully during the test. Remember that the Writing parts of the test have specific word length requirements. Don’t haste because that may affect your understanding abilities.

Allow enough time for each question

Don’t waste too much time on questions you are not sure about. Some questions have suggested time limits for you to follow. Every test room will have a clock on the wall. Stay aware of the time during the test so that you can complete all the questions.

Stay calm enough to do your best

If you feel worried, take deep breaths to calm down. Focus on the questions and do not rush your answers. This will help you to do your best.

Improve Your English in order to improve your IELTS score

You need to improve your English in order to improve you IELTS score. Not matter how many times you took IELTS exam if your English is not adequate you cannot excel in IELTS exam. At Ambition Institute of Foreign language, we review your preparation activities. We work on your weakness and strengthen your weak point.

How did you prepare last time?

If you want to progress you IELTS band score, it is very important to
o understand your IELTS score
o understand the test format
o try first online sample tests
o read our tips on how to succeed
o practise your English at home, at work, or at university
o listen to English on radio and television
o read English newspapers and websites
o practice using British Council online IELTS resources
o use IELTS preparation materials


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